The Personalization Process

alt+ swim was founded out of a need for beautiful swimwear that could be made distinctive for each wearer.
Our process is simple:

Step 1: Select & Monogram
Upon selecting your alt+ piece we provide the option to add bespoke monogramming to make it truly unique and your own. This allows you to add your very own bespoke name, new surname or  fav phrase - anything you desire ( that's within 14 letters).

Step 2: Font Selection for your Piece
All of our items come with our signature Serif Font. On some items we also give you the option of selecting our new Two-Tone Bold font. When selecting this font you will only be able to add up to five letters. This letter face is bigger than our standard font and cannot fit as many letters on the item. 
There will be a $25 flat rate when selecting this font.

Step 3: Hand-Customized To Your Specifications
Once processed, each piece is carefully hand-customized to meet your specifications. Currently we offer embroidery on our swimwear/apparel, and hot-stamping on our hats.

Step 4: Delivery
The personalization process can take up to 5 business days to be done. Once your personalization is complete it can be delivered via standard post, or If you can’t wait, using express delivery (arrives in 3-4 business days).
Please Note: International Delivery times may vary when selecting our standard delivery option.

Additional Monogramming Information:
Monogramming is offered in one location and in a size that best fits the design of the piece. If you would like a larger amount of letters/numbers, we will scale the size of your favourite name/initials/slogan/catchphrase to fit the item.
Presently we offer the choice of one serif and one sans-serif font.
Monogramming colors are offered specific to the piece and detailed on each product page.
Let them know it’s yours.
Because if it’s not personalized, does it even count?
Love alt